Wednesday, May 21, 2008

ASL: Sign for What Date of Year

Hi Everyone!

I studied all deaf vloggers who use to sign for what date of year at the deafread and I am not intending to criticize you who use to sign what date of year.

I show you that my vlog of ASL: Sign for what date of year. Please share your comment with me below! thank!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Titanic First Officer's second cousin's deaf grandson

The White Star Line departed from U.K. to New York City on April 1912. First Officer William McMaster Murdoch worked on the White Star Line ship, was under the captain of the ship.

My grandfather's second cousin who was William Murdoch was a hero and not a coward. My grandfather's deaf grandson is Daniel Murdoch.

I searched the Murdoch family tree, found that my great, great, great grandfather, Samuel Lowdon Murdoch, got married a wife, Jane Young. Jane's parents were John Young and Ann Lowden. Ann come from a family of ship owner's. Ann 's brother was a Father of US Navy.

I snapped some photos of William McMaster Murdoch, First Office of Silver Star Cruiser (Titanic tragedy), Greenland and Banffin Island, Nunvat, Canada on October 2007.

Please any comments, thank.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

what is DV (digital video) connector?

I explain what DV (digital video) connector is after I had read what the digital video on the website of Wikipedia and collected the information.

The connector of digital connector has 3 different types of firewires.

First, a firewire 400 (IEEE 1394) has 6 pins, 400 mb per sec flow the connector cable.

Second, an enhancements (IEEE 1394a) has 4 pins, 400 mb per sec flow the connector cable.

Third, a firewire 800 (IEEE 1394b) has 9 pins, 800 mb per sec flow the connector cable.

If you have own camcorder, you see what type of digital video connector, how many pins.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

First Time Editing Storyteller

Yesterday I received a new hybrid DVDHDD camcorder, Hitachi DZHS500A from Brooklyn, New York by UPS after I ordered it by through the internet last Wednesday.

The afternoon day I shoot any scenes for expermental first time, and edited the storyteller how to see the 16:9 screen that is wide screen. The weather was lousy, dull cloud and little cold wind.

The scene of shootings are blossoming flower small shrub, the beach in White Rock, see Vancouver Island, Orca Island in Washington, a town of Blaine, Washington.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

BC Rockies Deaf Hockey Club

BC Rockies Deaf Hockey Club hosted a sport events in New Westminster last night, the deaf team played against the Vancouver Canuck Alumni Team. The scores resulted Vancouver Canuck Alumni Team 11 to BC Rockies Deaf Hockey Team 6.

The Vancouver Canuck Alumni team provided the selling cap and Jersey clothes and free photo of Alumni team, some players of Van Canuck Alumni signed on them for autograph, Also some former deaf Canada team wrote on them for autograph.

The Alumni team donated a large quantity of money to BC Rockies Deaf Hockey Club for raising-fund, The deaf team are going to Whitby in Ontario where is near Toronto in a first week of May 2008 for trying out to become Canada Team. The Canada Team will go to Winnipeg, Manitoba for World Deaf Hockey Championship on February 2009.

Good luck to BC Rockies Deaf Hockey Club for going to Whitby, Ontario!,com_frontpage/Itemid,1/

Friday, March 21, 2008

Re: Raychelle, Gary Malkowski wants to share with you.

This evening late I received a message from Gary Malkowski, he wants to be posting my vlog. So I would like to share you, Raychelle to see his vlog. Copied and pasted his message. Please read below:


Thank you for sharing this important humanistic view. In reality, look closely at situations in Denmark, Canada, and other countries will follow in attempt to downsize and eliminate sign language regardless of Deaf children with or without cochlear implants.

In sad fact, some powerful medical organizations, AVT therapists and some organizations such as AGB, promoting to support the Auditory Verbal Therapy that disallows Deaf children to learn and use ASL and they are responsible to ignore very real factual research studies show that all children, including deaf, deafened, hard of hearing and even hearing children benefit greatly from exposure to ASL and learning ASL.

Downsizing and attempting to eliminate sign language or any attempts to prevent Deaf children with or without cochlear implants are clearly in violation with human rights and those people and professionals, who are responsible to downsize and/or attempt to eliminate sign language that put Deaf children's langauge and mental health at real risk, will be brought to trial and face justice in somedays. Please visit to see my key message at

No matter how hard we continue to educate these people and society about the benefits of sign language and unfortunately, they will still continue to ignore this real fact is that sign language has proven to benefit all children, including deaf, deafened, hard of hearing, hearing and children with disabilities.

Only answer is to bring these people who are in attempt to downsize or eliminate sign language that put these deaf children's langauge and mental health at risk must be brought to justice and Deaf children with cochlear implants or without cochlear implants are entitled to their rights to learn sign language and let them decide to use signed or spoken langauge or both that must be respected. Sign language rights must be respected and protected in every country across International.

You may post my comments at your vlog/blog.

Again, thank you for sharing your view.

Gary Malkowski
Canada's Only Former Elected Deaf Member of Provincial Parliament/Politician in the North America

Thursday, March 13, 2008